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Hi, I'm Josh. 

I help people tell powerful life stories.


Do you have a manuscript that you want to take to the next level? Or an idea for a project, but you don't know where to start? 


Let's tackle it together.


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My work has appeared in more than 30 magazines, including these. 

Beth M.

"As an emerging writer, I took a class with Josh to focus on specific techniques on writing for audience. I am so glad I did! He really paid attention to our projects and went above and beyond to offer additional material sources for each writer to carry us forward. But it was his feedback that blew me away. His feedback has unquestionably strengthened my WIP and I am excited to now be working with Josh as my book coach!"

Kate N.

"Josh is an excellent mentor—he listens to and respects your vision, but he also brings in new perspectives and expertise. He has supported me through several high-stakes writing projects. He has a great sense for audience; he seems to intuitively know what will make a piece more effective with its intended readership. He is one of the rare people I would trust to bring any writing project to the next level."

Gabe A.

"Josh's feedback on my writing helped make my application essays much stronger and made me feel more confident. His suggestions helped me develop a compelling narrative that blended my personal story with my professional experiences and this significantly strengthen- ed my PhD application."

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